The smart, integrated rear bike light for a brighter and safer ride.

Our first 100 orders get Bekan for €47.


Because all of Bekan’s amazing features are on the inside, you’re always safe and stylish when you’re outside.

You take your eyes off your bike for a second, and somebody has taken off with your light. The great thing about Bekan is that everything is integrated, which makes it’s practically invisible when it’s off. Now the only thing left to steal is admiring glances.

Thanks to its built-in motion sensor, Bekan is smarter than the average bike. It knows when you’re taking a break from the ride and automatically switches itself off to reserve energy. And as soon as you’re ready to hit the road again, just grab your bike and Bekan comes instantly back on.   

The more that other road users are aware of what you’re doing, the less chance of an incident happening. That’s where Bekan’s Braking Mode comes in. It uses the accelerometer to turn the flashing or wave lighting modes into a solid light. Now anybody behind you knows exactly when you’re coming to a stop. 

The brighter side of life

Bekan is fitted with ultra bright LEDS. Together, they put other bike lights in the shade.


A hot take on cool features.

Ahead for heighTs

Bekan’s seamless finish gives you unlimited flexibility to adjust its height just the way you like it.


Let's ride to the
future together

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